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9 Best Sites To Download Free PLR Ebooks [2024]

Creating an eBook from scratch can be a daunting task. It requires research, writing, editing, and design skills. But what if there was a shortcut?

Enter PLR eBooks.

These are pre-written books that you can modify, rebrand, and even claim as your own. They offer a quick way to get content without starting from zero.

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or entrepreneur, PLR eBooks can be a game-changer, and the best thing is that you can get them completely for free.

In this guide, we’ll cover the 9 best websites to download free PLR ebooks in many niches.

So let’s go!

What Are PLR Ebooks?

plr ebook

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights.” When you come across an eBook with PLR, it means that you have the right to change its content and present it as your own.

Unlike traditional copyrighted books, once you purchase a PLR eBook, you can modify its content, change its title, and even put your name as the author.

How You Can Use PLR Ebooks?

PLR eBooks offer a range of uses, including:

  • Reselling: You can sell the eBook as it is or after making modifications
  • Lead Magnets: Offer the eBook as a free download in exchange for an email address
  • Content Creation: Break down the eBook and use its content for blog posts, articles, or newsletters
  • Online Courses: Use the material as a basis for creating an online course
  • Bonuses: Offer the eBook as a bonus for purchasing another product or service

How To Rebrand PLR Ebooks:

Rebranding PLR eBooks is a good idea, especially if you plan to sell them on platforms like Amazon KDP. Many digital product marketplaces have strict policies against duplicate content.

To offer unique value and avoid potential issues with your account consider doing the following:

  • Rewrite the Contents: Make the content unique. Automated rewriting tools like Spin Rewriter can help, but always review the final output for quality
  • Add Your Logo: Personalize the eBook by adding your brand’s logo
  • Change Colors: Adjust the color scheme to match your brand’s colors
  • Redesign the Cover: A unique cover can make your eBook stand out.
  • Change Layouts: Modify the eBook’s layout or format for a fresh look
  • Add Personal Insights: Incorporate your experiences, stories, or case studies to provide added value

PLR vs MRR vs RR Ebooks:

When diving into the world of resale rights, it’s essential to understand the differences between PLR, MRR (Master Resell Rights), and RR (Resell Rights):

  • PLR (Private Label Rights): As mentioned, PLR allows you to change the content and claim it as your own. You can sell, give away  (typically), or use the content in various ways.
  • MRR (Master Resell Rights): With MRR, you can resell the eBook, and your customers can also resell it. However, you can’t claim authorship or modify its content.
  • RR (Resell Rights): RR allows you to resell the eBook to your customers, but they can’t resell it further. Like MRR, you can’t modify the content or claim it as your own.

Many sites offer a mix of these licenses. Always ensure you read the terms of use for each eBook to avoid any potential pitfalls or misuse.

9 Best Websites To Download Free PLR Ebooks:


plr me

If you’re on the hunt for top-tier PLR ebooks, should be your go-to destination. This platform, featured in reputable outlets like Entrepreneur, CBC, and Toronto Sun, is renowned for its high-quality PLR products, all precisely crafted by industry experts from the US and Canada.

Their extensive collection boasts 543 PLR ebooks covering various niches, such as:

  • Self-Improvement
  • Business and Marketing
  • Parenting & Family
  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Care
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Managing Emotions
  • Natural Health & Safety
  • Friendship & Dealing With Others
  • Money Management, Budgeting, Credit & Debt
  • Career & Job
  • and many more…

The ebooks include astonishing covers, plenty of pages of information, and multiple formats for easy customization.

plr me ebooks

But ebooks are just the tip of the iceberg. also offers plenty of other PLR materials, from articles and slide deck presentations to courses and checklists.

Now, while their products aren’t typically free, we’ve got a little secret for you. By using our special link, you’ll receive 10 free credits. Most of their ebooks cost around 10 credits, meaning you can snag a high-quality ebook without spending a dime. Plus, as a member, you’ll get an additional 2 credits a month. It’s a good win!

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2. PLR Database

plr database

If you’re looking for a reliable source of free PLR ebooks, PLR Database is a treasure you shouldn’t miss. This platform offers a vast collection of 1593 free products, with the majority of them being ebooks.

By creating a free account, you can dive into a diverse range of niches, including Affiliate Marketing, Business, Food and Cooking, Health, Technology, Travel, and many more.

However, a word of caution: always check the licensing type. While many ebooks come with a PLR license, some are available with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights.

plr database free products

If you’re interested in exploring their premium product collection, PLR Database has affordable subscription plans starting at just $10/month. This membership unlocks a broader spectrum of 26,751 licensed products, from articles and graphics to software and videos.

Check out PLR Database: Click Here

3. Big Product Store

big product store

Big Product Store is a comprehensive platform for those seeking diverse PLR materials. Packing an impressive collection of over 15,000 products, it’s a hub for both novices and veterans in the PLR world.

Their free section is filled with ebooks, audiobooks, software, and plugins, primarily targeting areas like productivity, business, and marketing. Simply create a free account to access these resources at no cost.

For those wanting access to more products, their membership offers an expansive range of content.

With options at $19.90 monthly or a one-time fee of $98.50 for lifetime access, you can explore a constantly updated catalog that covers various higher-quality product categories including, templates, graphics, videos, software, tools, and much more!

Check out Big Product Store: Click Here

4. PLR Ebook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

Here comes another destination for some free digital downloads – PLR Ebook Supplier.

Primarily dedicated to PLR ebooks, this reputable platform offers over 370 top-selling digital products, ready for you to rebrand and resell.

Whether you’re keen on topics like nutrition, personal development, marketing, or even cryptocurrency, there’s a good chance you’ll find an ebook for that. To find free ebooks, head over to the website, and click on “Free PLR Content” on the left side of the categories panel.

While their free product collection is quite small, you can access a lot more of higher quality content for as little as $0.99 per piece.

And, if you’re looking to set up your own online ebook store, their ebook store-building service can equip you with a store stocked with nearly 400 products in under 24 hours.

Check out PLR Ebook Supplier: Click Here

5. PLR Mines

plr mines free ebooks

PLR Mines is an online membership site that offers a decent collection of digital PLR products, aimed at helping you establish a genuine online business.

They offer over 150 free PLR ebooks ranging from topics such as cooking and pets to weight loss and making money online. The good thing is that there’s no sign-up needed to download these products.

Although the collection of free books is quite big, the ebooks are quite outdated, so if you are looking for books in evolving niches, such as tech or marketing, this source might be not the best for you.

Beyond ebooks, PLR Mines also provides free graphics, videos, templates, and software.

6. Urban PLR

urban plr

Urban PLR combines a membership site and a product store, offering over 90,000 premium digital products with resell rights. Luckily, these guys also have a section dedicated to free ebooks.

There you can grab 10 free PLR eBooks on the following topics:

  • Aromatherapy for Cynics
  • Breath Watching Meditation
  • Craft Fair
  • Frozen Dessert Recipes
  • How To Train Your Puppy
  • Positive Habit Attraction Models
  • Romantic Ideas & Tips For A Special Valentine’s Day
  • Self Help Affirmations
  • Self Improvement Guide
  • Simple Weight Loss Recipes

No need to sign up – just click ‘download now’ and the ebooks are yours. Besides books, Urban PLR also provides free articles, audios, images, quotes, and videos.

And if you’re thinking of diving deeper, you can unlock their entire premium product library for $99 a year or $149 for a lifetime.

7. Free PLR Downloads

free plr downloads ebooks

Free PLR Downloads provides a vast array of ebooks, each coming with different licenses such as Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Private Label Rights.

Delving into their collection, you’ll find over 430 free PLR ebooks targeting niches like health, internet marketing, business, relationships, parenting, self-help, and much more.

These ebooks are packed with 10 to 30 pages of information, and they are readily available for instant download. Beyond just ebooks, the platform also provides articles, newsletters, software, and videos.

Despite a huge selection of free PLR downloads, this website has two downsides – many outdated low-quality products, and ads all over the place.

8. Today PLR


Today PLR stands as a hub for those seeking free PLR content. With a collection of over 80 recently updated ebooks, users can explore a variety of niches such as AI, recipes, wealth, education, diet, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

Each ebook comes with diverse rights, including Giveaway Rights, Master Resale Rights, Personal Use Rights, Resell Rights, and Private Label Rights. To download the products, just create a free account.

Besides ebooks, Today PLR also offers a rich assortment of free PLR audios, graphics, software, videos, articles, and templates.

If you want unrestricted access to their higher-quality content, consider opting for one of their membership plans: $7.99 for the first month (then $4.99 monthly), $49.99 yearly, or a one-time payment of $79.99 for lifetime access.



IDPLR is a well-known PLR membership site with 12,590+ PLR Products which you can resell and keep 100% of the profits.

For those on a budget, IDPLR offers 213 free eBooks spanning various niches like email marketing, e-commerce, productivity, and goal setting, to name a few.

However, it’s worth noting that the most recent ebooks date back to 2016, so they might be outdated. Apart from eBooks, IDPLR provides a plethora of other free content, from articles and templates to graphics and videos.

If you’re in premium PLR products, they have three membership tiers: 3 months for $39, a year for $69, or a lifetime pass for $89. These memberships come with bonuses like 10GB of web hosting, a 3D eCover creator, access to 200,000 PLR articles, and a WP sales copy tool.

Interested in premium high-quality PLR products? Check out our article on the best PLR websites of 2023

Final Words:

Navigating the vast world of PLR ebooks can be overwhelming, especially with the hundreds of options available. It’s crucial to find reliable sources that offer quality content, ensuring that your efforts in rebranding and marketing are built on a solid foundation.

After exploring various platforms for PLR ebooks, stands out as the top choice for high-quality content. With our special link, you can get 10 free credits and download one high-quality ebook at no cost. PLR Database is the second best option with the largest collection of free books.

Other than that you can explore all these free solutions, and discover the one that fits your needs best. Remember, the key is to prioritize quality over quantity.

By choosing the right PLR ebook source, you’re not just saving time but also ensuring that your audience gets valuable content. So, take a moment, check out these platforms, and make an informed decision. Happy exploring!