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How To Sell PLR Ebooks: Step-By-Step Guide

Looking for ways to make some good passive income? There is nothing more passive than selling digital products, and today we have the opportunity to start this business with minimal cost.

According to the stats, global ebook market revenue continues to grow, meaning more and more people get to buy ebooks online. Ebooks are in great demand in a variety of many topics and niches. Why not fill that demand, by creating and selling your own electronic books for passive income?

Considering the huge amounts of customers looking for ebooks online, there is definitely space for you to participate in this multi-billion dollar market.

But the problem is, ebooks take time and effort to create. Not only that, they require knowledge and expertise in the field as well as financial resources, if you are planning to hire a writer.

The great news is, these days we have an opportunity to access and sell someone else’s ebooks without infringing any rights or having to pay any royalties. Even better, we can modify, and change them into our very own ebooks. Thanks to Private Label Rights (PLR) allowing us to alter and sell digital products just as they were created by us.

In this article, we will discuss how you can make money by selling PLR ebooks online. We are also going to cover the best 5 websites to download PLR ebooks.

But before that, let’s talk about what PLR ebooks actually are:

What are PLR Ebooks?

what are plr ebooks

PLR Ebooks are essentially electronic books with Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses. This license is formed when the original product creator permits the buyer to use his original work without the need of giving credit or paying royalties. Private Label Rights grants you complete ownership of an ebook or any other PLR products.

That means, you are typically entitled to do whatever you want with an ebook, and that includes:

  • Rewriting the contents
  • Redesigning the covers
  • Adding your pen/brand name, or logo
  • Reselling unlimited times
  • Giving away for free
  • Using content for the marketing purposes
  • Converting content into videos or audio
  • Packaging up with other PLR products

While browsing various PLR sites and looking for PLR ebooks you may also come across other licensing terms, such as Resell Rights, or Master Resale Rights. It’s important to draw a distinction between these licensing types to prevent you from misusing the products and infringing the rights.

Resell Rights Ebooks: These ebooks come with more restrictive rights allowing you to resell ebooks without transferring the resell rights and modifying them in any way. In other words, you can’t edit the contents of an ebook, and you can only resell it for personal use purposes.

Master Resale Rights Ebooks: Just like Resell Rights, a Master Resale Rights license does not permit you to alter the products in any way. However, you can transfer the resale license as you sell the products, so the new buyer can resell them again.

Private Label Rights Ebooks: those as already discussed can be used in almost any way possible, including modifying, reselling, or giveaway.

Some of the product sites also sell products with Giveaway rights on a different category, rather than on PLR. While these are typical explanations of different rights, every PLR site determines its own terms of use, so make sure you check them before downloading and using ebooks in any way.

Why Selling Ebooks Is A Good Idea?

plr ebooks benefits

Nowadays, people sell everything online from mugs to pianos. But the issue with selling physical goods is that it requires various costs, and there is a shipping process involved, which can be disrupted.

Firstly, the physical item has to be created and that involves some sort of material costs. Then it has to be stored somewhere and nicely packaged up. Lastly, the product has to be shipped and there are many things that could happen during the shipping. You may not manage to ship items on time, you may run out of stock, and the item may get lost or even damaged in the process.

Whereas with digital products, like ebooks, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff.

Here’s why selling digital products like ebooks is a good idea:

  • Don’t involve manufacturing costs
  • Don’t involve storage costs
  • Don’t involve packaging costs
  • Don’t involve shipping costs
  • The ebooks are delivered instantly

The greatest beauty of selling digital products is that you can sell their duplicates without having to create them again. That leaves you a bunch of spare time, as well as nearly 100% profit margins.

Before you sell PLR Ebooks…

The most important thing you should do before reselling PLR ebooks is to rebrand them. As a content creator or digital product seller, you ideally want to sell unique value, which is more than just a duplicate of someone else’s work. While selling PLR ebooks as they are can be legal, it could seem a little bit unethical and unprofessional towards your customers.

In addition, ebook-selling marketplaces have plagiarism checkers that scan, whether or not the contents of an ebook you are trying to upload have been already used before.

So rebranding ebooks and changing them into your own products could be a very good idea, and for that, we should focus on Private Label Rights ebooks only while ignoring ebooks with other licenses.

Rewrite the contents:

The very least you can do to rebrand PLR ebooks is to put your own name or logo on them. You can also take a step further and design your own cover. But the best way of rebranding your books is to rewrite certain bits of the content.

In fact, if you are planning to use ebooks for the articles in your blog, rewriting their contents is often a must. Search engines, like Google value and rank only unique content. So if the article you are trying to publish will contain plagiarised content, Google might notice it and ignore your article in its search results.

You can either modify ebook written contents manually or with the help of automated rewriting software – Spin Rewriter. This tool turns plagiarized articles into unique ones by rewriting content under different styles in minutes.

Redesign the Ebook:

Adding your own book cover is another great step towards the complete rebranding of your PLR book. While it is not necessary, having your own cover will increase your credibility and chances of sales for as long as your design looks better than the original.

To design your ebook cover you can use a helpful online design tool – Canva. With the help of numerous pre-designed templates for ebooks, as well as plenty of commercial use graphics and fonts, Canva enables you to quickly create outstanding book covers.

You can also explore already-made book covers on marketplaces like Creative Fabrica. There you can purchase beautifully designed Canva-editable covers for cents, then modify and use them as your own.

Lastly, you can use freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, to find a freelancer who could do it all for you for an affordable price.

In addition to redesigning ebook covers, you also have the freedom to change the layouts, add your logo, add or reduce the pages, as well as rename the title.

Package up with other products:

PLR packages are very useful for those who are looking for comprehensive content packs in a certain niche. The PLR packages may come with a variety of different products, including ebooks.

You can combine PLR ebooks with products like PLR software, videos, courses, action guides, etc, and sell them as a multi-format solution to a specific problem. For example, you could create a package of ebooks, presentations, and checklists in a lower back pain niche, and sell it as the info package that solves the problem.

Packaging PLR ebooks with other products is a smart way to increase overall product value with minimal investments.

You only have to package up the products once to sell them hundreds if not thousands of times, so do your best while combining various PLR products together.

How To Sell PLR Ebooks?

selling PLR ebooks

When it comes to selling PLR ebooks, you have two options – sell them on digital product marketplaces, or on your own platform. While each strategy has its pros and cons, the best approach would be to implement both strategies at once. In this way, you will maximize the chances of success as more people will get to see your products.

Let’s start with the digital product marketplaces.

Sell on digital product marketplaces:

There can be many marketplaces where you could list your ebooks for sale. The great thing about the marketplaces is that they already get daily visitors, so you would not have to worry much about marketing of your ebooks.

The downside is that there could be some listing and transaction costs involved, so you won’t be able to keep 100% of your profits. Another negative aspect is that you won’t have full control of your shop. You will be selling items on someone else’s platform, therefore you will have to comply with their rules.

All in all, listing your products on marketplaces takes minutes and often does not require upfront costs, so it would be wise for you to upload your books, for extra exposure and sales.

Note that some of these platforms are strict about plagiarized content, so before you upload ebooks, make sure they have unique covers and contain unique content.

Here are the best marketplaces to sell Ebooks:

Depending on the platform you will have to pay small upfront, or transactional costs, once you list and sell an ebook.

Apart from these websites, you can also list your ebooks on affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank or JVzoo. However, these platforms work best for selling larger digital products, such as courses, software, or packages, so it would be best to use ebooks as an addition to your main product.

Clickbank and JVZoo work by connecting vendors like you to affiliates who have audiences. They allow affiliates to promote your digital products for commissions (% of the sale price). Simply list your products on these marketplaces, and wait for the affiliates to pick them up.

Sell PLR Ebooks in your own store:

Selling ebooks from your own website is a must if you want to reach long-term success and earn some good passive income. The main benefit of this method is that you have full control of your store. You can design it in the way you want, and you can sell whatever you want for your desired price. In addition, there will be fewer costs involved and you will get to keep more of your profits.

Besides that, having your own store allows you to stand out from the other sellers who don’t have their platforms, as well as demonstrate credibility to your customers.

There are two major ways how you can set up your own ebook store. The first one is with a WordPress blogging platform and the second one is with an all-in-one eCommerce builder. Each one of them has its positives and negatives, so let’s explore them in more detail:

Setting up your store with WordPress:

Setting up your online store with WordPress is the most affordable way to get your ebooks out to the world. However, this method will require some time as well as a little bit of technical knowledge in the process.

Firstly, you will need a domain name ( and hosting to keep your ebook store accessible online. Then you will have to install WordPress, which is a free content management platform. But WordPress alone won’t make your store fully functional, and you will have to install a theme and a variety of external plugins for that.

One of the most popular solutions for selling digital goods is Woocommerce. It allows you to create and display product pages, take care of payments, and automatically deliver items.

While WordPress and Woocommerce are both free, they will give you the basic design and functionality of your design store. If you want your store to look professional, you will have to install a premium theme and other premium plugins.

While this method is going to involve some costs on top of your domain and hosting expenses, it still remains the most affordable option to sell PLR ebooks from your platform.

Setting up your store with an all-in-one eCommerce platform:

The costs of building your website with an all-in-one eCommerce solution are generally greater, however, the whole setup requires much less technical expertise and hassle.

These all-in-one eCommerce platforms offer the most convenience for the users because everything can be set up in one place, whereas with WordPress you will have to rely a lot on third-party plugins and services.

Here’s what an all-in-one eCommerce solution allows you to do:

  • Create branded domain and host your website
  • Sell any type of digital products
  • Process payments and automatically deliver products
  • Build fantastic product and landing pages
  • Offer discount codes, coupons, etc.
  • Create membership sites
  • Start a blog and build your audience
  • Collect emails, and send newsletters
  • & much more

The all-in-one eCommerce solutions take care of all heavy technical work while enabling you to have a fully functional ebook store in under a few hours. If you feel this is the right way you want to build your ebook store, you can check out the store builders like Sellfy, Podia, BigCommerce, or Shopify.

Best Websites To Download PLR Ebooks:

Before you rebrand, sell, and market PLR ebooks, you need to download some of them. The problem with many PLR sources is that often they sell low-quality barely usable content, that just takes too much time to edit.

To prevent you from having such an experience, we have gathered the best 3 sources that provide the highest quality ebooks for the best price.


plr me

When it comes to high-quality PLR content, is always at the top of the list. The website sells ebooks, reports, and other PLR products in the business, marketing, investment, relationships, self-improvement, and many other niches.

Unlike many other low-quality sites that use software and cheap freelancers to produce ebooks, has its own in-house team of US/Canadian writers who produce all the content by themselves.

For that reason, you can always expect to receive content-rich, nicely designed, and well-written ebooks. The ebooks may consist of 50 to 80 pages of information, and they will come with PDF and Word Document files, so you can easily modify whatever you need.

After you rebrand the PLR ebooks, allows you to resell them, use for the content, or give them away for free.

2. PLR Ebook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

As the name suggests, this website is heaven for those who are looking for ebooks for resale. It is another great site that offers a wide collection of high-quality PLR ebooks, that you can rebrand and use as your own.

There you will find individual ebooks and some bundles covering plenty of topics, including business, finance, marketing, personal development, pets, gardening, and so on.

The books come with astonishing covers, as well as well-written content inside. Besides, that, PLR Ebook Supplier offers a fantastic service allowing you to save plenty of time, and money on ebook store creation. For $675 You can receive a pre-loaded ebook store with over 370 ready-to-sell ebooks in less than 24 hours.

3. PLR Database

plr database

PLR Database is another great source for downloading brandable ebooks for low prices. Unlike or PLR Ebook Supplier, which are the product stores, PLR Database is a membership site that allows you to freely access unlimited amounts of products for as long as you are subscribed.

This website is best for those who are looking for a lot of medium-quality ebooks for a low price. There are currently over 12,367 done-for-you ebooks that cover a variety of niches, including affiliate marketing, business, education, psychology, health, cooking, and more.

Besides Private Label Rights books, the website also sells ebooks under Resell or Master Resale Rights, so check each product’s terms of use before downloading and using in any way.

Talking about the quality of ebooks, they are typically well-written and carry beautiful cover designs, however, the chances are you may come across some low-quality books too. The admins add new products to the membership every day, so you always have some fresh content to explore.

Market your Ebooks:

marketing plr ebooks


No matter how great your ebooks are, nobody is going to buy them if you won’t market them enough. There can be many ways to market ebooks, and the marketing strategy depends on your ebook-selling strategy.

We already covered, why listing your ebooks on digital product marketplaces is a good idea to reach more people, but what marketing methods you should implement when selling ebooks from your own platform?

Here are some marketing ideas to consider:

Blogging: Blogging is a great way to generate passive automated traffic to your digital product store, but it requires some work upfront in a specific niche. You can start blogging on your website or on YouTube about the specific problem that your ebooks would solve. For instance, you could start a blog on health, and offer health-related ebooks to solve your audience’s problems. However, if you are willing to sell ebooks in a variety of niches, this strategy will not work well.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a visual social media platform, and a search engine at once. People widely use Pinterest to search and find visual information, which leads to blog articles, or eCommerce stores. You can use your ebook covers as pins, or create brand-new ones to target the topics and questions that your ebooks would serve. Once people will click on your pin that represents your ebook cover, they will be directed to your ebook product page that contains all the information and call-to-action elements.

Affiliate Marketing: If you are planning to sell ebooks from your own store, incorporating an affiliate system into your platform is a very clever idea. You are more likely to sell your books when other people are going to promote them. Since it costs nothing to duplicate an ebook, you can offer a percentage of the sale price to the affiliates for that. Alternatively, you can publish your ebooks along with other digital products on affiliate marketplaces like JVZoo or Clickbank, and let affiliates promote them for commission.

Sponsored Posts: Guest blogging is a great way to spread the word about your ebooks on someone else’s online property. While this method is most likely to cost you something, the results could be instant and long-lasting. You can write a blog post about your ebook store, and publish it on a blog that gets a lot of traffic. Besides that, you can also buy a banner space on a website, sponsored social media post, or an Instagram story.

Paid Advertising: You should consider paid advertising if you want to reach a large audience in the shortest time possible. With the help of Facebook and Google Ads you may reach people by their hobbies, location, behavior, the device they’re using, as well as the terms they are searching.  Additionally, you have a variety of ad types to choose from, including text, display, and lead advertisements. However, your ebook-selling profits should cover your advertisement costs, so plan this strategy well before you spend any money on ads.

Besides these main marketing methods, there can also be plenty of other ways how you can spread a message about your ebook to the world. You can also market your books on other social media platforms, like Instagram, or Facebook, as well as offer them as lead magnets, and sell ebooks via email marketing.

As mentioned before, the marketing strategy depends on your ebook-selling strategy.

For instance, if you want to sell PLR ebooks or their packages in a single niche, then blogging, is definitely a good idea to attract visitors. If you want to sell a variety of different eBooks, then you should consider alternative marketing channels.

Final Words:

Selling digital products, like ebooks, is probably the best way to earn significant income these days while having peace of mind, and not overworking. Forget about manufacturing costs, as well as packaging and shipping efforts as there is no need to take care of these processes while selling ebooks online.

Private Label Rights give us an opportunity to sell already created ebooks as our own. Imagine how much time can be saved due to PLR, and every entrepreneur knows that time equals money.

Download already created high-quality ebooks from one of the sources, rebrand them, and list them on the marketplaces, as well as on your own platform. Market your ebooks well and soon you will be making bank. That simple!