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Best IDPLR Free Ebook Alternatives

Looking for free PLR ebooks, which you could rebrand, resell, or give away for free, but not sure if IDPLR is a good place for that?

Throughout many years of experience in the PLR industry, I can easily distinguish great PLR sites from bad ones. While some sources provide truly great and valuable PLR ebooks, others offer poorly written content that requires significant amounts of time for editing, and often complete rewriting.

In this article, I will tell the truth about free PLR ebooks from IDPLR as well as give you some alternative sources to download such products.

But before that, let’s discuss what IDPLR is:

What Is IDPLR?

IDPLR is a PLR membership site that gives unlimited access to its all-done-for-you premium products on a subscription basis. It offers over 12,000 brandable products, including articles, software, graphics, videos, music, and ebooks. You can access IDPLR premium products by signing up either for a 3-month, 1-year, or lifetime plan.

Apart from PLR products, IDPLR also promises a bunch of bonuses to its potential customers. The premium members also get access to the outdated and barely functional ebook cover creator software, WP sales copy plugin, 10 GB of web hosting space, and other things.

Although I have never joined IDPLR premium membership, the rumors say that I have done the right decision. A dominant number of 1-star reviews on Trustpilot claim that this website is a scam that does not deliver what it promises, so I am very happy that I didn’t spare my money for these guys.

But you can still take advantage of IDPLR without paying anything as this website offers some free PLR ebooks.

Are IDPLR Free Ebooks Worth It?

IDPLR offers around 50 free ebooks and most of them don’t even come with Private Label Rights. The majority of ebooks come with Resell or Master Resale Rights meaning you cannot edit, or modify them, which is a key component of adding value to the PLR products and turning them into unique.

The latest ebook was uploaded in 2017 so you can see how often IDPLR updates its free product section. While there are some books with nice-looking covers, plenty of them look like they were designed in the 90s.

Talking about the content, the quality of it isn’t very inspiring either, and you can expect to find books with poorly written content.

If you are looking for ebooks on health, diet, or self-development topics, IDPLR’s free ebooks may be useful, but if you are looking for books in constantly evolving niches, like internet marketing, social media, or advertising, you may find the content of those ebooks to be outdated.

To put it shortly, if you are looking for high-quality up-to-date original PLR content, which you could modify and rebrand, IDPLR’s free PLR ebooks are not worth the time, and I suggest taking a look at the best alternative sources.

Best Websites To Download Free PLR Ebooks:

Today we truly have better PLR sites where you can find higher-quality ebooks for free in many niches. And if you want to access the premium products of these providers, you can rest assured that you won’t get scammed.

Once downloaded, you can edit, rebrand, resell, use the books as the lead magnets, or do whatever else you want with them.

Let’s have a look at some great PLR product stores and membership sites that offer free PLR ebooks:


plr me

Anyone who is familiar with PLR products will agree that is the best source to get them. Although this website does not offer any PLR products for free, there is a way to download some of them at no cost, and I will show you how soon.

Featured by big names like Entrepreneur, Toronto Sun, 100 Huntley Street, and others, stands as the highest-quality PLR product provider. Unlike many other cheap PLR sources, has a team of US/Canadian writers who create every piece of content.

Among over 16,000 done-for-you products, you will find over 260 high-quality PLR ebooks that cover niches, like business, finance, marketing, self-improvement, relationships, and many others. The ebooks are not only well-designed but also well-written consisting of up to 70 pages of information.

Since we have partnered with, we have a special coupon to share with you. This will give you 10 free credits, which you can use to download one or two ebooks from completely for free. So if you are looking for the best quality brandable books, make sure to take advantage of this offer.

2. PLR Database

plr database

Just like IDPLR, PLR Database is a membership site offering unlimited access to all its products for as long as you are subscribed. Besides premium products, PLR Database has a section of over 1580 free products, and the majority of them are PLR ebooks.

Although the free ebooks as not as good as PLR Database’s premium books, they are still better than the ones advertised on IDPLR.┬áMost of the free ebooks fall into digital marketing and business categories, but there are also enough of them in areas like health, self-development, diet, cryptocurrency, and others.

To download free PLR ebooks, all you have to do is to create a free account. Once downloaded you have the right to rebrand and resell the PLR content, and the admins continuously update the free product section with new stuff.

If you want to access higher-quality books, and other products like articles, audio, scripts, software, and more, you can sign up for one of the affordable PLR Database memberships. The platform offers a monthly membership plan for $10 a month, a 3-month plan for $25, and a yearly plan for $49 a year.

3. Best Deal PLR

best deal plr

Best Deal PLR is another great IDPLR alternative to download free PLR ebooks. While this website does not have anything to offer for free, it has a 1$ trial which will give you complete access to over 10,000 PLR products for the entire month.

Throughout your trial period, you will be able to download unlimited amounts of PLR articles, audio, graphics, software, templates, videos, and of course ebooks.

There are over 3800 decent quality ebooks available in many niches, including making money online, social media, self-improvement, psychology, weight loss, and plenty more.

If you feel that this website is a good long-term source to download various done-for-you products, you can carry on with the membership once your trial ends. You can either subscribe to a monthly plan for $10.99 or a lifetime membership for $139.