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Download PLR Planners: 9 Best Sources Covered [2023]

Welcome to the world of PLR Planners, where you can access a treasure trove of customizable and pre-designed planners to help your customers stay organized and achieve their goals.

Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or just someone who wants to get organized, PLR planners are a great resource to help you save time and energy.

With so many websites offering PLR planners, it can be challenging to know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best websites to download printable and digital PLR planners, so you have unlimited options to find the products that you need and love.

The websites we are going to cover will also provide you with a wide collection of other PLR low-content items, such as journals, workbooks, stickers, templates, graphics, and plenty of other digital and printable assets.

But before we get into the best PLR planner sources, let’s discuss how you can use these products effectively:

How To Use PLR Planners?

From making money to self-development, there can be many ways to use brandable PLR planners. Here are the most effective and popular ways to take advantage of these products:

Rebranding: Private Label Licence allows you to modify the contents of the planners in any way you wish. Whether you want to add your name or logo to the planner or modify its interiors, you can easily do that. The majority of PLR planners come with editable DOC., PowerPoint, or Canva files, so you can easily customize everything to your needs.

Reselling: Planners in general are in increasing customer demand as more and more people worldwide get into the habit of planning and journaling. For this reason, selling planners can now be profitable like never before, especially knowing that you don’t have to create planners from scratch, hold their inventory, or be involved in the shipping process. There can be numerous places where you can sell PLR planners, and people mostly sell them on their own websites, Amazon KDP, Etsy, and other marketplaces.

Create A Package: Besides selling planners individually, it’s also a good idea to create a package of planners and other relevant products in a certain niche. By that, you will be able to offer more value to your customers, and at the same time charge them more for that. A good package example would be a planner and journal bundle accompanied by additional resources, like coloring pages, workbooks, checklists, ebooks, and other products.

Using as the Lead Magnets: Growing your email list and communicating with your subscribers via email is crucial if you want to succeed in today’s online world. But to grow your email list you need to offer a free gift as an incentive for the user to share his email details with you. One of the best ways to use PLR planners is to offer them as lead magnets for an exchange to your subscriber’s email address. You can also give them away for free to your current subscribers to increase trust and strengthen the relationships.

Using for Personal Needs: Planners can also be great tools for personal organization and time management. They can be used to track daily to-do lists, appointments, and important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Planners can also help individuals set and achieve personal goals, whether they be health, fitness goals, financial, or many other goals. You can easily customize PLR planners so they fit your personal style and serve your best personal needs.

Best Websites To Download PLR Planners:

Now that we know the best ways to use PLR planners, it’s time to jump into the list of websites that offer such products.

Whether you are looking for brandable planners, or other low-content digital products, such as journals, printables, calendars, stickers, and more, you are sure to find them in the sources mentioned below.

1. The Happy Journals

the happy journals

The Happy Journals Club is a one-stop shop for all PLR low-content needs.

With a mission to spread happiness, positivity, and motivation, this website offers a vast collection of high-quality planners, journals, and other products, which you can rebrand and resell for good value.

From over 50 individual planner templates to over 20 bundled collections of workbooks, vision board templates, printables, and other products, The Happy Journals Club has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Each product on this website is beautifully crafted and nicely designed, having value and attracting the eye, but the best part?

You will get full Private Label Rights, allowing you to create unlimited journals and tools for personal and commercial use. You can use your own name or brand’s name as the author of all your journals, and written materials.

the happy journals planners

For easy customization, Powerpoint files are included with each product, so you can easily modify the content to fit your style.

Before making a purchase, you can visit the product pages to get a clear understanding of what each product offers and how it looks. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying.

In terms of pricing, individual planners, journals, and other products cost from $7 to $12 each, while the pricing for the bundles ranges from $27 to $57.

Check Out The Happy Journals: Click Here

2. Simple Happiness

simple happiness

Unleash your creativity and help your customers elevate their daily planning experience with Simple Happiness – the ultimate online store for stunning and brandable planners.

The website features a vast collection of over 120 unique products mainly consisting of planners and journals, each designed to cater to a variety of needs, interests, and styles.

From vintage and quirky planners, to clean and minimalistic journals, Simple Happiness has you covered. The products on this website cover plenty of niches, including academics, self-improvement, relationships, health, spirituality, and many more.

The majority of the products feature beautiful designs with a dominant pink and purple color scheme, and they also include additional files, like Canva or Powerpoint for easy customization.

simple happiness planners

In addition to their wide range of PLR planners, journals, and bundles, Simple Happiness also offers a variety of other PLR low-content items such as printables, digital papers, cards, calendars, covers, backgrounds, workbooks, ebooks, decorations, and more.

Their individual planners and journals are affordably priced at $27 each, while their product bundles range from $37 to $57 per pack.

Must also add, each of their products comes with well-written descriptions, video demonstrations, and visual information to help you get a clear understanding of what’s inside.

Check Out Simple Happiness: Click Here

3. Createful Journals

createful journals

Createful Journals is another great destination for all your journaling needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal journaling experience or offer it to your clients, this website has got your back.

With over 115 brandable planners and journals, there you’re sure to find something that matches your style and needs. From mental health, cooking, pets, gardening, and everything in between, Createful Journals has enough products to cover all niches.

Each planner you purchase from this website comes with editable PowerPoint files, multiple pages, covers in digital and printable formats, and other extras like stickers, fonts, hyperlinks, and more.

The product pages there are incredibly informative, providing you with detailed descriptions of each planner and visual demonstrations of all its contents.

creative journals planners

The pricing for each planner varies, with prices ranging from $20 to $47 depending on what’s included in the pack. Besides buying templates individually, you can also access some of them for a small monthly fee.

For that, Createful Journals have a membership, where you can get a number of templates & journal prompts delivered for you every month. Additionally, the website also offers courses that teach you how to create beautiful planners using PowerPoint.

Overall, with its wide range of products, exceptional product pages, and affordable pricing, Createful Journals is the perfect platform for anyone looking to take their low-content business to the next level.

Check Out Creative Journals: Click Here

4. A Cup of Zen

a cup of zen

A Cup of Zen is an online store that offers a wide range of high-quality PLR planners and other content.

The website particularly serves personal development coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, mental health professionals, and business coaches who aim to help their clients improve their lives.

A Cup of Zen specializes in spiritual and mental well-being topics, such as mindfulness, animal spirits, anxiety, happiness, astrology, mantras, dreams, and many others.

The store features a vast collection of over 300 low-content products, with the majority of them being planners and journals that come individually or in bundled sets.

a cup of zen planners

Besides planners and journals, A Cup of Zen also sells brandable products, including:

  • Calendars
  • Digital assets
  • Graphics
  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • Notebooks
  • Social media templates
  • Oracle card templates
  • Coloring pages
  • Stock photos

Each product comes with full Private Label Rights, allowing you to modify, resell, or even give the products away to your clients for free. Additionally, the products include Canva and PowerPoint files, making it easy to customize the content to match your style.

Also, must admit that all products are beautifully designed with a dominant dark purple color that evokes spiritual feelings, and the website’s interface is easy to navigate, making it effortless to find exactly what you are looking for.

The cost of the journal or planner packs varies depending on their size and can range from $27 to $47 each, while the other products come with cheaper pricing.

Before making a purchase, you will get to preview products inside their informative product pages, as well as download a free sample pack to make sure that the quality of the content is top-notch.

Check Out A Cup of Zen: Click Here

5. PLR Beach

plr beach

PLR Beach is a website created by entrepreneur Becky Beach that offers a vast collection of professionally designed, customizable, and resellable low-content products such as printable planners, journals, coloring pages, and clipart.

The website serves business owners, bloggers, coaches, and POD sellers who are looking to save time and money with ready-made commercial-use products.

Among 170 products available, the majority are printable and digital planners and journals, and they cover various niches, such as school, success, special occasions, business, pets, medical, and much more.

The planner and journal packs are priced from $37 to $47, while the rest of the products come with lower pricing. All content from PLR beach is beautifully designed using more solid colors, and everything comes with a full PLR/Commercial Use license, allowing for customization and resale.

plr beach planners

Before you buy anything from there, you will get to visit the informative product pages, where you will see enough written information about the product, as well as visual demonstrations including video walkthroughs.

In addition, PLR Beach offers a membership option for only $29 a month, which includes instant access to all courses, monthly print and digital planners, digital stickers, and other products.

Customers can also purchase comprehensive courses that teach them how to create their own printables and succeed in the low-content business.

Check Out PLR Beach: Click Here

6. PLR Planners, founded by entrepreneur Diana Heuser, offers over 150 low-content products, with a main focus to provide high-quality brandable planners.

The site also features other product categories dedicated to all occasions and various topics, including automation tools, budget buys, fonts, graphics, templates, junk journals, scrapbooking, and freebies.

The planners come in printable or digital formats, covering niches such as travel, pregnancy, blogging, real estate, wedding, gratitude, etc, and Powerpoint files are always included with each order, in case you want to make some visual adjustments to the product.

Bundles with various sizes, color versions, and additional files such as digital papers and stickers are also available for purchase. A unique feature of the site is the smart preview option, which allows customers to preview each page of the product before purchase. planners

Apart from buying products separately, customers can join the VIP club for a monthly supply of PLR book manuscripts, template packages, cover designs, graphics, coloring book resources, and other content.

Overall, offers a variety of high-quality, customizable products for those looking to save time and money in their business or personal ventures.

Check Out PLR Planners: Click Here

7. Coach Glue

coach glue

Coach Glue specializes in creating done-for-you courses, workshops, blog posts, and planners to help online coaches and mentors educate their audience in business, sales, marketing, self-care, and productivity areas.

Whether you use them to build your list or create a passive income stream, PLR planners from Coach Glue will help you a lot in the process.

Although this website does not have a huge product library to offer, every single product is designed with care to bring great value to the customer.

At the moment, Coach Glue features only 12 beautifully crafted and content-rich brandable planners, which consist of beautiful covers, 21-72 pages of content, and word document files for customization.

coach glue planners

Here’re the titles of all available planners:

  • My Profitable & Fun Virtual Summit Planner
  • Monthly Social Media Content Calendar
  • Monthly Email Content Calendar
  • My Course Content Planner
  • Map Out Your 6-Figure Course Launch In a Weekend!
  • Membership Site Idea Planner
  • How To Use Pinterest To Attract New Fans, Clients, and Sales!
  • Start Your Podcast Planner
  • Tiny Viral Videos Planner
  • Self-Care Planner For Coaches + Entrepreneurs
  • How To Write a Book Planner
  • How To Journal Your Way To The Life, Business + Income of Your Dreams

Each planner cost $47 and they also come with full Private Label Rights, enabling you to modify, resell or give products away with no limits.

In case you are looking for more brandable products in sales, marketing, and self-development areas, you can also check out Coach Glue’s done-for-you courses, workshops, and other fantastic products.

Check Out Coach Glue: Click Here

8. PLR Printable Store

plr printables store PLR Printable Store is a neat online shop with a great collection of PLR templates for commercial use.

The website offers a user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate interface, making it effortless for visitors to find the content they need.

While the vast majority of the products offered consist of attractive PLR planners, there you can also find products, like PLR kitchen binders, calendars, planner stickers, coloring pages, printables, ebooks, workbooks, and even PLR bridal shower games.

In terms of planners, there are currently 29 individual planners priced at $27 each. They cover various topics such as self-care, finances, business, medical, etc, and come in many styles, like flower, black & white, chic, and others.

All planners come with a full commercial license and include both PDF and Canva files for modifications.

In addition to individual planners, PLR Printable Store also sells PLR mega bundles for $67 that consist of different variations of blog, goal, financial, and fitness planners.

plr printables store planners

And if you want to save money and access many of the store’s products at once, you can join an affordable membership for just $15 a month.

With that, you will get immediate access to 62 PLR printable products & promo images, a variety of creative lessons, and new done for you PLR products released each month.

Check Out PLR Printable Store: Click Here

8. Simply Couture Designs

simply couture PLR

Simply Couture PLR offers a variety of customizable, modern, and chic planner templates, consisting of over 120 printable and digital planners that come with commercial use licenses.

Their low-content products are designed with a feminine touch, focusing on a variety of niches such as beauty, traveling, mental health, yoga, entrepreneurship, fitness, etc. as well as special occasions like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others.

In addition to planners, the store also offers products like PLR line art packs, colored illustration packs, sticker templates, and Etsy Canva mock-up templates. Each product comes with PowerPoint and Canva files, so you can easily modify whatever you need to match your individual style.

The product pages give you a good visual idea of what you are going to buy, but unfortunately, this site lacks a walkthrough feature where you can check every single page of the planner in detail

Talking about the pricing, you can expect to pay from $27 to $37 for each printable or digital planner, and from $47 to $52 for a product bundle.

Apart from selling low-content PLR products individually Simply Couture also offers affordable memberships packed with courses and a regular supply of PLR templates.

Check Out Simply Couture PLR: Click Here