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PLR Software Guide: 7 Best Websites Covered

Nowadays, the sale of digital products has become a multi-billion industry – thanks to the Internet.

Unlike physical products, digital products have the advantage of not requiring transportation, as customers can easily download them in seconds from the internet.

A very common type of digital product is software. While software can be a more investment-intensive type of digital product, it is still a lucrative business due to the high demand for a wide range of tools and applications.

In fact, the market for software continues to grow as more and more people rely on digital tools for their personal and professional needs. Whether it’s for productivity, communication, entertainment, or something else, there is likely to be a software product available to meet the need.

With the internet, the software can be easily downloaded and accessed from anywhere, making it convenient for both businesses and customers.

Overall, the sale of digital products, including software, is a thriving industry with a high return on investment due to the high demand and ease of distribution.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about PLR software as well as recommend the best websites to download such products.

What Is PLR Software:

Before we continue, we need to first explain what PLR, or Private Label Rights, are.

What are Private Label Rights?

In a nutshell, Private Label Rights, or PLR, refer to the legal rights granted to the purchaser of intellectual property. We can think of it as the right to edit, brand, and sell the product as we become the complete owners of it.

Say, we purchase a PLR template for an online course. This allows us to later edit and use that template as a component of our course.

Or let’s say we purchase software, and we would like to modify its code and create a new software product out of it. This all can be implemented with Private Label Rights.

However, this is unlikely to be done with other product licensing types.

For example, MRR or “Master Resale Rights” would allow us to resell the product and transfer the resale rights, but we’d not be able to make any changes to it.

While on the other hand, RR, or “Resell Rights” only allows us to sell that product without transferring the resale rights and changing it in any way. So the exact same product can be only sold to the end user – that’s pretty restrictive compared to Private Label Rights.

What Benefits Do PLR Products Have?

Private Label Rights products offer many advantages compared to other types of products. Here are the 3 main benefits of using PLR for your business:

  • Right to Customize: The main advantage of PLR products is the ability to customize and modify them. This allows us to tailor the product to business or personal use, which makes it perfect to adapt them to fit our specific needs or those of our customers.
  • Increasing the Efficiency of Production: Another advantage of PLR products is that they can also increase the efficiency of our production process, as we don’t have to spend time and resources developing a product from scratch.
  • Cost-Saving Measures for Our Business: The final advantage of PLR products is that they help us save money on development costs, as one can purchase and modify an existing product rather than invest in the development of a new one.

Overall, PLR products offer a convenient and cost-effective way to access high-quality products that can be customized to fit our needs.

How To Use PLR Software:

how to use plr software

PLR software is different from many other types of PLR products, such as articles, ebooks, or courses. PLR software is a functional code-driven product that may have different purposes of use.

Here are a few ways how we can effectively use PLR software:

Creating Custom Software Solutions:

One of the best uses for PLR software in my opinion is creating custom software solutions for our clients.

By using it as a foundation, we can save time and resources on the development process, as we don’t have to start from scratch. This way, we can create custom software solutions that are unique and tailored to our client’s needs, while still being cost-effective and efficient.

Modifying and Updating Existing Software:

Another use of PLR software is that we can make changes to an existing software product to improve its functionality or to add new features. By that, we can sell a software product without having to start from scratch, which again saves us time and resources.

And this also includes updating it and improving its functionality to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers and stay relevant in a fast-changing market.

Creating Software Demos or Trial Versions:

Creating demos or trial versions of our software products is another great way of using PLR software. In this way, we can give potential customers a taste of what they can expect from our software and see how it works in practice.

This has the added benefit of generating interest in our software and attracting potential customers who will be poised to purchase the complete version of it.

Offering Software as a Service (SaaS):

PLR software can also be a useful tool for creating a “software as a service” offering as well. We can customize the software to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers, and then offer it as a service, where customers pay a recurring fee to access and use the software.

This can be especially lucrative if we are offering specialized or niche software that is not widely available on the market.

Creating Software Bundles:

Creating software bundles that include multiple software products at a discounted price is another great way to offer value to our customers and encourage them to purchase multiple software products at once.

Through this, we can choose a selection of software products that are relevant to a specific market or industry, and then offer them at a discounted price when purchased as a bundle.

Again, these are just a few examples, and we can use PLR software in any way that meets our needs and complies with the terms of the PLR license.

Best Websites To Download PLR Software:

Now that we know what is PLR software, its advantages, and a few ways how we use it, it is time for us to discuss the best PLR websites where we can download such products for a good deal.

So here we go:

1. PLR Database

plr database

PLR Database is a membership site that offers a wide range of done-for-you products in various categories and niches. The site currently offers over 1300 high-quality software products, including mobile video sites, toolkits, funnel builders, traffic and content generators, as well as media studios.

Each software product includes multiple files, such as user manuals and covers, and is available in multiple formats. In addition to software, PLR Database also offers a wide selection of WordPress plugins and themes, as well as other licensed products like articles, audio, ebooks, graphics, scripts, videos, and templates.

The membership site offers three affordable subscription plans, allowing us to access unlimited products with no restrictions. We can choose from a 1-month ($10), 3-month ($25), or 1-year membership ($49) respectively.

While being a member, you can download as many products as you want during our subscription period, which can save you money if you need a large number of products regularly.

The best part is that PLR Database updates its products almost every day, so you will always have access to fresh and new products.

Visit PLR Database: Click Here


big product store

BIG PRODUCT STORE offers a wide range of high-quality PLR (Private Label Rights) products, including software, WordPress plugins, themes, articles, ebooks, graphics, audio, templates, and videos.

It is another membership site where you can get unlimited access to the entire product library for as long as you are a member.

The website has over 1200 software products available in the “Tools & Scripts” category, including:

  • Instant video site builders
  • WordPress plugins
  • Automation tools
  • Landing page builders
  • PPC software
  • Project management tools
  • SEO and link-building software
  • Content generators
  • Video creators
  • Website builders & managers
  • and a lot more…

You can choose to join the membership on a monthly or lifetime basis, with prices of $27 per month or $98.50 for a one-time payment.

In addition to software, BIG PRODUCT STORE also has a generous selection of WordPress plugins and themes, with over 10,000 products available!



plr products is a one-stop shop for all of our digital content needs. It is a website that sells digital content, including articles, reports, videos, audio, templates, and software.

With more than 750 software products available on the website to choose from we are sure to find something that fits our needs on Plus, the website provides detailed information about each product, so we know exactly what we are getting.

These software products fall into various categories, including:

  • Ad trackers
  • Autoresponders
  • Page builders
  • WordPress plugins
  • Link builders
  • Article generators
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Email list builders
  • Cover creators
  • Form generators
  • Website builders and managers
  • Personal assistant tools
  • Teleprompters
  • QR code generators
  • Video creators
  • and many more…

The software products come with detailed information on their uses and formats, and prices range from $6.99 to $7.99. Because of this, is a cost-effective solution if we are looking to access high-quality digital content.

Visit Click Here



Today PLR is a website that offers a variety of PLR products, including software – all created by the company itself.

It is rare to find a PLR products store that creates its material in-house, as most providers typically purchase the rights from a wholesaler to offer the product at a lower price.

Paid membership starts at $4.99 per month for a monthly subscription, $49.99 per year for a yearly subscription, and $79.99 for a lifetime membership.

In addition to paid membership options. Today PLR also offers free membership and free PLR products. With these membership options, we can access a wide range of PLR products and license types to meet our needs and goals.

Visit TodayPLR: Click Here



IDPLR is a membership website that offers a wide range of done-for-you content materials and digital products to make our digital marketing journey easier.

With IDPLR, we get access to over 12,590 different PLR products, and it is one of the largest PLR membership site. For those who are short on time or resources to create their own content and products, IDPLR can be a useful solution.

Some of the features that make IDPLR stand out in PLR industry is its vast library of PLR content available in various categories such as eBooks, videos, graphics, templates, articles, music, and of course -software.

Depending on the type of membership we choose, we also get access to additional bonuses like web hosting, a WordPress add-on for creating stunning sales and landing pages, access to a database of 200,000+ PLR articles, a training course on making money with PLR products, and a cover creator tool.

Visit IDPLR: Click Here

6. PLR Behemoth

plr behemoth

PLR Behemoth is a great resource for anyone looking to access a wide range of software products at a flexible membership.

There are currently over 600 software products available on the website, including WP plugins and themes, SEO tools, webpage builders, content generators, and more.

PLR Behemoth has several membership plans available, consisting of monthly, quarterly, and yearly options, as well as a lifetime membership, with prices ranging from $5.95 to $147.

Additionally, PLR Behemoth also has a selection of free products, including software, ebooks, videos, audios, templates, graphics, and articles!

Visit PLR Behemoth: Click Here

7. IndigitalWorks


InDigitalWorks is a PLR membership website that provides access to plenty of PLR products including articles, ebooks, graphics, and software. It currently offers over 12,500 products and gives us the flexibility to choose the license that best suits our needs. They also offer a lifetime deal that provides instant access to all products with a one-time payment.

Once we have registered for the free membership plan, we will have access to over 200 products listed on the website. And after upgrading to a paid membership we’ll also have access to additional bonuses such as web hosting, eCover Creator, access to over 200k PLR articles, and WordPress plugins for creating sales pages and landing pages.

InDigitalWorks offers three Gold membership plans: 3 months of access for $39, 1-year access for $69, and lifetime access for $79.

This pricing is designed to suit everyone from beginners to experts in online business. With InDigitalWorks, we can get great value and access to a large library of PLR content without having to pay for every product individually.

Visit IndigitalWorks: Click Here


Final Words:

PLR software can be a fantastic asset to grow your audience and make money online. Here we have covered the best ways to use PLR software along with the best sites to download such products.

Each website offers a wide range of high-quality PLR software products, including mobile video sites, toolkits, funnel builders, traffic and content generators, and media studios, as well as other licensed products such as articles, audio, ebooks, graphics, scripts, videos, and templates.

However, All of these websites offer different subscription plans and prices, so it is important we compare the cost and selection of products available before making a purchase!